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VoIP & Hosted PBX

Get all the business phone, collaboration, conferencing and mobility features you’ve ever dreamed of for much less than you ever thought possible.

Everything you need in one complete, integrated suite. VoIP phone services, mobile apps, contact centers, Web conferencing, and more.  With VoIP, enable BYOD for business communications via a mobile app, and provide freedom and flexibility for your increasingly mobile workforces. Boost employee productivity and IT efficiency, enabling the shift of resources to more strategic initiatives.

VoIP delivers high quality, reliability, and the value expected by businesses. Infradapt’s VoIP PBX is available on premise or as a Cloud hosted solution which includes the option of Infradapt Managed Services for administration. Infradapt’s VoIP PBX offers all-inclusive cloud phone system featuring HD video meetings, unified voice, fax, text, audio conferencing, and detailed reporting.  Hosted PBX eliminates on-premise systems, making it easy to manage multiple office locations, and simple to connect and scale your business and distributed workforce. Wether on premise or Cloud hosted, VoIP PBX systems provide mobility to employees, flexibility when a business expands, and are easier to manage than the traditional PBX.

Why choose Infradapt for your VoIP deployment?

Infradapt’s engineering team has been widely recognized as leaders in the converged networking and communications field. Collectively responsible for hundreds of telephony projects and VoIP implementations, the Infradapt team has the experience to make converged networking work for your organization.

After years of experience selling and deploying proprietary telephony solutions from Avaya, Cisco and Mitel, Infradapt moved into more open telephony architectures, due to the lack of flexibility of the proprietary solutions available at the time.

Asterisk: The Open-Source PBX

Infradapt was an early adopter of Digium’s open-source Asterisk PBX and has been deploying Asterisk-based telephony solutions for more than nine years.

  • Asterisk-based PBX deployments
  • Custom IVR and telephony applications
  • Call center systems and dialer platforms
  • Carrier services platform development and integration

As a Digium Select Reseller, Infradapt is recognized to be among the industry’s most capable providers of Asterisk-based solutions.

Learn more about the Asterisk platform / solutions.

Hosted PBX

Leveraging on our extensive experience assisting with customers IP Telephony environments, Infradapt deployed its first Hosted PBX Platform in 2006. using a combination of open-source and proprietary components.

Today our platform evolved much, below is a non exhaustive list of features in our Hosted PBX offering:

  • Fixed Fee – No Capital Investment
  • Quick Provisioning System
  • Dedicated PBX Environment
  • Custom Integration with Existing Infrastructure
  • Video Conferencing Capable
  • Choice of Polycom, Cisco or Digium phone sets
  • Free Inter-company Calling Between Locations 
  • Unlimited Calling  (USA, lower 48)
  • Competitive International Calling Plans
  • Periodic IP Phone Software Upgrades
  • Easy Web Administration
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Alert System
  • 24x7x365 Helpdesk
  • Helpdesk Calls Answered in Less than 1 Minute
  • HD Voice (High-Definition)
  • Mobility Capabilities for On-The-Go Employees
  • Self-Serve User Management and Control
  • Quality of Service Monitoring
  • Robust Service Level Agreements
  • Business Continuity Capabilities
  • Redundant High-Bandwidth
  • Data Bunker Facility
  • Redundant Power Generation
  • Tier-1 Redundant Datacenter Facilities
  • No Charge for Maintenance, Upgrades or Licenses
  • Global DID Number – One Number to Make and Receive Calls From Any Device, Any Location
  • Call Routing, Voicemail, Hosted PBX Mobility, Virtual Presence for Mobile Workforce
  • Business Continuity on Every DID for Disaster Recovery and Re-Routing in Real-Time
  • Classes of Service and Executive Feature Sets
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Receptionist Soft Console
  • Call Queuing and Light Call Center Capabilities
  • Integrated Messaging, Voicemail to Email
  • Full Call Center Capabilities – Available
  • Periodic IP Phone Hardware Upgrades – Available
  • Unified Communications Applications Integration – Available
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 2013, Exchange 2010 E-Mail and Lync 2013 – Available
  • Integration with Line of Business Applications – Available
  • Integrated Outlook or Internet Explorer Toolbar, with Click to Dial and Call Control – Available

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Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt’s Hosted PBX solution can benefit your organization.

Additional Expertise

Legacy Migration & Integration

Infradapt has extensive experience assisting its customers to make the move outside of restrictive legacy platforms and gracefully extend the capabilities of such platforms. Whether seeking a “no downtime” migration path or simply to enable remote access to an older system, Infradapt can deliver quickly and reliably.

Learn more about Infradapt PBX solutions.

Learn more about Contact Center platforms.

Building Resilient Networks

The essence of a production-grade converged network is resilience. Adding voice to an existing data network automatically categorizes the network as “mission critical”. By implementing redundancy at the basic network layers as well as WAN links, Infradapt can work with your organization to reduce single points of failure minimizing disruption and downtime.

VoIP and Wide Area Networks

Supporting remote branches and users can be especially challenging. Infradapt possesses extensive expertise in deploying and troubleshooting VoIP over WAN and Internet links.

  • QoS / Packet Prioritization
  • Multi-Link Redundancy / Routing Protocols
  • NAT Traversal and Media
  • Video Applications

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Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt’s Distributed IP Telephony solutions can benefit your organization.