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Cyber Security Luncheon

Come join us at a Cyber Security/Cyber Liability Luncheon Hosted by Infradapt

Cyber Security/Cyber Liability Luncheon Hosted by Infradapt

April 2018

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Network Security

Contrary to popular belief, simply having a hardware or software firewall in place does not make a company’s infrastructure immune to intrusion. Firewalls inherently allow access to public services required by Internet users, such as e-mail and DNS. Put simply, not monitoring the security beyond the firewall could have disastrous consequences.

Infradapt offers a comprehensive security review, including a variety of scanning techniques and policy reviews culminating in a report designed to illustrate your organization’s security stature and recommend improvements.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability and Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Policy Design
  • Incident Response
  • Wireless Access

Audit Assessment / Remediation Process

  • Survey / Analysis
    Tailored to your organization based on the compliance you organization needs to follow.
  • Network Assessment
    Security evaluation, physical inspection, software audit, access roles definition and documentation.
  • Gap Analysis, Compliance and Remediation Report
    Detailed memo delivered identifying current compliance stature and recommendations for remediation and policy correction.
  • Process, Policy, Compliance Documentation¬†
    Form policy binders adapted and tailored for your organization. All compliance related materials assembled and centralized.
  • Training/Process Implementation¬†
    Employees given documentation and training sessions conducted with Security Official, Privacy Official, HR Staff regarding forms and legal acknowledgements.

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