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E-Mail Security / Archiving & eDiscovery / Encryption

Infradapt has operated extensive and widely used spam profiling and virus filtering platforms since our inception. Having serviced up to five billion e-mail classification requests on a per day basis, Infradapt always understood how vital it is to deliver high volumes of e-mail reliably and as free from infection as possible.

As e-mail become the primary way business communicate, reliably delivering messages free of viruses and spam did not suffice anymore. Receiving a subpoena to produce email records as part of legal action has been the norm and not the exception for quite sometime already.

Infradapt’s comprehensive e-mail security, encryption, archiving and e-discovery offerings gives you the peace of mind of e-mail protection and allows for your organization to comply with various current regulations. It is a fact that regulation compliance will protect your organization in case of legal action.


  • Automatically duplicate storage of all inbound and outbound e-mail into a secure repository
  • Powerful search capabilities through simple user interface
  • Unlimited storage and historical data upload
  • Storage and process compliant with rules 17a-3 and 17a-4, 17 CFR Part 240
  • Recovery of one or many email messages to Inbox
  • Policy-based retention
  • Automatic policy-based encryption
  • Ad hoc keyword encryption for greater control
  • Tight integration of both email security and archiving services
  • Lexicons to provide encryption for HIPAA, financial services regulations and state privacy laws
  • Same capabilities used by the Federal Reserve Board and 1 in 7 U.S. hospitals
  • International encryption policies available, e.g. UK NIN
  • One-time registration at decryption portal
  • E-mail control and self-service end-user capability

E-Mail Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Solutions

Infradapt Cloud-Based Hosted E-Mail Filtering and Compliance Solution allows for all messages and mailboxes to be accessed on and ad hoc basis. This feature allows for the Infradapt E-Mail Compliance Platform to be used as secondary live e-mail server with full access to messages via a feature rich and intuitive Web interface. Restoration of  messages can be done on a per message, per mailbox or per domain basis.


  • Intuitive Webmail client for business continuity

Additional Benefits

Redundant Filtering Platform

  • Infradapt’s e-mail filtering infrastructure is distributed through four strategically-located facilities throughout North America to offer the highest levels of redundancy and load balancing.
  • Caching is available to eliminate a potential single point of failure in your business if your site or server were to go offline.

Regulatory Issues

  • Infradapt has significant experience helping organizations address the regulatory and security compliance aspects of using e-mail to communicate with customers, patients, and business partners.
  • E-Mail can be archived, encrypted, or otherwise custom treated to help adhere to compliance dictates.

Reliability & Support

  • The Infradapt helpdesk staff is experienced in troubleshooting e-mail transport and filtering issues. Whether identifying and removing blacklist entries or resolving DNS and other problems, the Infradapt team can support your organization’s e-mail needs.

Learn More

Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt’s E-Mail Security & Malware / Spam Pre-Filtering solutions can benefit your organization.