At Infradapt, our cloud services offer a fully private, single-tenant environment where your data remains under your control. Our dedicated private cloud solution ensures strict privacy and security measures, including firewalls and private networks within the cloud.

In addition to our enterprise-level cloud infrastructure solutions, we also offer business continuity, disaster recovery, infrastructure outsourcing, hybrid application hosting, and scalability solutions.

Our fully-managed private cloud infrastructure solution provides a secure and isolated server space, private network facilities, and secure connectivity. With our hosted cloud platform, your entire network can exist securely within our private cloud environment.

Choose Infradapt for a true private cloud solution, with comprehensive support and monitoring to ensure your cloud environment runs seamlessly.

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Cloud computing and cloud communications are safer. more cost-effective, and incredibly flexible.

Infradapt Cloud-based computing resources are less expensive and more resilient than hardware; delivering higher up-time, network responsiveness, and scalability while offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership than premise-based hardware.

Whether you need a single server for a small workforce or dozens of servers to support a distributed enterprise, Infradapt’s solutions offer the enormous benefits of cloud facilities without privacy or security drawbacks. Cloud computing resources offers a hassle free, simplified application and computing service for users, leaving the storage, security, hardware, and infrastructure headaches to Infradapt as the service provider.

Infradapt offers Private Cloud Services and Hybrid Cloud Services where access to and from is provided using encryption technology.

We understand the regulatory and security standards of different industries, and the requirements of publicly-owned companies for handling credit card information, health records, and financial records.


Cloud-based small and medium-sized business solutions.

InfraCloud Cloud-based infrastructure solutions offer significantly lower start-up costs than traditional platforms, as well as quicker activation and accelerated time to market we will get you up and running fast, with the exact infrastructure you need to succeed.

Infradapt offers complete cloud-based solutions, voice, data, contact center and support, all for a fixed monthly price.

We only offer Fully Managed Private Cloud Infrastructures(IaaS)

Fully Managed Private Cloud Infrastructures(IaaS) is a Private Cloud fully managed by Infradapt from server configuration to helpdesk calls.

In either case you can count on complete infrastructure support with the advantage of fixed rate plans.

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Infradapt InfraCloud service offers a full spectrum of cloud infrastructure solutions for the enterprise, including business continuity, disaster recovery, total infrastructure outsourcing solutions, hybrid application hosting and scalability solutions


Beyond hosted servers and applications, Infradapt offers a fully-managed, private cloud infrastructure solution. Featuring isolated server space, private network facilities, and secure connectivity, your entire network can exist securely within Infradapt’s hosted cloud platform.

  • Private Network

    All data for your organization exists within an encrypted and isolated network behind carrier-grade firewall equipment. It is not directly exposed to the Internet or any other Infradapt customer.

  • Secure Access Transport

    Access to your organization’s hosted server infrastructure can be established using industry-standard firewall software, point-to-point VPN hardware, or via secure MPLS connectivity.

  • Server and Storage Resources

    Every server your organization uses in production can be hosted within Infradapt’s managed services platform. Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, AIX, and many other environments are supported.

  • High-Availability and Replication

    Total platform replication is available for true business continuity to another Infradapt data center or one of your locations.

  • Business Continuity in the Cloud

    Leveraging the on-demand power of Infradapt’s cloud infrastructure allows your organization to maintain a virtual replica of your entire physical network infrastructure ready to be activated at a moment’s notice. Infradapt’s solutions start with simple off-site data replication and scale to whatever level of complexity your organization requires—up to a full replica of your premise infrastructure.

In addition to being available when needed, Infradapt’s cloud infrastructure offers superior performance to many on-premise platforms. In fact, due to the superior network performance and scalability, many customers have chosen to embrace the cloud platform as their production infrastructure and to re-deploy premise resources for backup or staging applications.


Infradapt has been a pioneer in the emerging hosted voice platform market, leveraging the flexibility of its cloud computing platform to deliver efficiency to PBX and contact center services.

VoIP and technologies like virtualization have helped to make cloud-based voice services reliable, efficient, flexible, and extremely cost-effective.


Say goodbye to inflexible “one-size-fits-all” hosting solutions and expensive on-site equipment. Infradapt’s hosted phone system solution offers all the flexibility your business needs.

  • Quick activation & deployment
  • Scalable to meet your dynamic business needs
  • Large range of supported telephone set
  • Full international carrier footprint


Solutions for enterprises range from hybrid on-site and hosted solutions to fully-hosted deployments for disparately dispersed enterprises.

Centralized IP trunking allows your organization to gain real-time control over call routing and save money over traditional carriers.

  • Real-time Call Routing via Web Portal
  • Failover routing for site outages and business continuity
  • Bulk VoIP Calling Packages
  • Centralized inter-company dial plans
  • Hosted call recording and quality monitoring solution


Whether dealing with an acquisition, divestiture, facility move, or other platform-affecting situation, Infradapt has both the expertise and the capacity to get the job done.

With Infradapt’s cloud services, normal hardware procurement lead times are eliminated and the time it takes to deploy new servers is reduced from days and weeks to hours. When dealing with an unexpected surge in demand, this can mean the difference between realized revenue and lost opportunity.


Improve sales force productivity and deliver top-line business value with hosted predictive dialing and CRM integration. Infradapt offers a fully-managed predictive dialing and intelligent call routing platform as an enhancement to its telephony backbone.

  • Skill-based routing ensures the most capable agent takes each call
  • Live agent performance monitoring allows tracking agents by group, team, or individually
  • Live call monitoring and reporting allows supervisors and quality assurance staff to manage more effectively
  • Real-time campaign and list controls allow supervisors to stop and start campaigns at a moment’s notice


Infradapt offers a full range of contact center solutions—from Asterisk and Switchvox to Presence OpenGate—on-demand from its resilient cloud hosting platform. Whether you’re looking for a fully outsourced solution including telecommunications services or a hybrid model where you leverage existing in-house equipment, Infradapt can help you make an informed decision and get you started quickly.

A hosted solution offers many advantages over on-premises equipment, including built-in redundancy and expertise, reduced initial investment, faster go-live, and other benefits.

  • Low Cost
  • Full Functionality
  • Built-In Redundancy
  • Secure Network Transport
  • Full Telecommunications Services Suite
  • High-Bandwidth Colocation Facilities


Infradapt’s hosted platform solutions are monitored for high-availability 24/7 and designed with operational resilience in mind. Additionally, all hosted infrastructure solutions include full access to Infradapt’s 24-hour help desk and operations center so you’ll never have to worry about where to get help when you need it.


Why buy or lease physical servers when you can eliminate the need for maintenance, warranties, and other nuisances? Infradapt’s on-demand cloud platform offers:


    If you are looking for the next generation operating system from Microsoft with the added peace of mind of knowing it was done to your specifications, Infradapt’s hosted Windows is the solution.


    Exchange fully hosted and replicated. Nothing is more mission critical than communication. E-mail and telephony are at the heart of today’s enterprises. Your business deserves and needs the same reliability and features that the Fortune 100 companies rely on. Infradapt hosted e-mail and communication solutions give you just that – a Fortune 100 solution on a Small Business budget. (Compatible with mobile devices including iPhone, Android and Blackberry)


    Many ERP solutions today run on SQL databases. If you face the challenge of looking for a solution that will allow your entire company to gain access to the same data, all of the time, regardless of location – talk to us about how to host your ERP Software and/or your Application Databases.


    Asterisk is the most widely used Open Source PBX software in the world surpassing the number of installations of traditional vendors of proprietary IP Telephony like Cisco, Nortel and Avaya. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php, Perl, Python) is the open source base for many world class web enabled applications. Distributions: RedHat Enterprise Server; CentOS Linux Server; Ubuntu Server; FreeBSD; many more…


Infradapt’s Managed Services Total Support solution is structured to reliably deliver up-time and contain technology spending. Using preventive maintenance, monitoring, and best-practice management methods to support your operation, as well as built-in hardware and software “refreshes”, Infradapt is able to offer this solution for a fixed fee.

The result is predictable and reliable performance. Total Support service plans are available for InfraPremise solutions designed to our clients who prefer to retain all of their IT assets in-house and on-site; Total Support service plans are also available for our hybrid solutions to clients who wish to introduce cloud services at a measured pace while retaining a significant on-site infrastructure.


  • 24x7x365 Helpdesk
  • Remote Support and Remote Assistance
  • On-site Support as Needed
  • Parts Replacement Services
  • State-Of-The-Art Trouble-Ticketing System
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Smartphone Support

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Alert System
  • Mission Critical Server Performance Alerts
  • Mission Critical Services Availability Alerts
  • Patch Management
  • Disk Clean-Ups

  • Quarterly Technology Reviews and Future Proofing
  • Technology Consulting and Engineering
  • Project Management of On-Site Implementations
  • Proof of Concept / Lab Testing
  • Annual Telco Audits
  • Loaner Equipment
  • Training Facilities
  • Disaster Recovery Facilities

  • Line Of Business Applications
  • Telecom and Internet Service Providers
  • Web Site Consultants/Companys
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Phone System Vendors

  • Desktop Anti-Virus Automatic Updates
  • Spyware, Botnets and Phishing Protection
  • E-Mail Virus and Spam Control
  • Web Content Filtering and Reporting
  • E-Mail Archiving and E-Mail Continuity
  • Firewall Management
  • Secure VPN Access Management

  • Automatic Hourly Backups
  • Data Secured in Three Places
  • Automated Nightly Data Transfer Off-site
  • Backup Verification and Reporting
  • 24x7x365 Backup Failure Monitoring and Notification


In addition to traditional IT offers, Infradapt developed InfraCloud our Cloud-Based Fixed Rate offering and InfraPremise our Premise-Based Fixed Rate and comprehensive offers that include all hardware, software, and services to satisfy your specific needs.

Unlike other companies that only broker or resell third party cloud services, Infradapt manages our own distributed cloud based infrastructure made available to all of our customers, in addition to third party public cloud services.

The more Infradapt infrastructure services you use, the more you transfer the risk associated with IT to Infradapt.

InfraCloud is fully protected with: Redundant Internet, Fire Suppression, Redundant Power, Redundant HVAC, Physical Security, Data Backup, Dust Control and much more.


Fixed Rate Cloud-Based Offers


Fixed Rate On-Premise Based Offers


Fixed Rate Total Support to Cloud, Premise or Hybrid Offers


Managed IT Services

All Inclusive Service and Support
IT Support
Telecom Support
Proactive Maintenance
Virtual CIO
Hassle Free Vendor Management
Cyber Security Management Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cyber security and cyber liability protection

Risk Assessment / Remediation Process
Staff Training / Process Implementation
24 / 7 Monitoring and Incident Response
Gap Analysis / Remediation Report
Compliance Documentation
Hyper Backup Protection

Outsourced IT For Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

24 / 7 / 365 Unlimited Helpdesk
All Hardware Included
Trouble-Ticketing System Included
Smartphone Included
Office 365 Software Plan Included
Business PBX Included
Private Cloud Included
Managed IT Services Included

Business Continuity & disaster recovery

Ransomware Protection
Real-Time Cloud Replication
Hyper Backup Protection
High Availability Architecture
Voice High Availability
Quickest Point-in-Time Restores

Outsources Telephony for Enterprises

24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring and Support
Hosted, Premise or Hybrid
Trouble-Ticketing System Included
Unlimited IVRs, VMs, and Queues
Skype and Salesforce Integration
Call Center / Contact Center Ready
High Availability Included
Telecom Management Included

Private Hybrid Cloud Services

No Capital Investment
Quick Provisioning
Flexibility and Elasticity
Private Cloud, Share Nothing
24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring and Alert
Data Bunker Facility
Redundant High-Bandwidth and Power


Outdated technology limiting your productivity?

In need of more organized business infrastructure?

Feeling limited by the restrictions of your current systems?


No matter the issues your company faces, when it comes to technology and information, Infradapt is here to help. Start by scheduling your free consultation, and we’ll work together to determine how Infradapt can help keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and productively.