As a managed service provider (MSP), we provide comprehensive wireless infrastructure services to help businesses of all sizes meet their connectivity needs.

Our team of experienced technicians can design, install, and maintain wireless networks tailored to your organization’s specific requirements, whether you need to provide wireless access for a small office or a large campus. We use industry-leading technologies and best practices to ensure that your wireless infrastructure is reliable, secure, and scalable.

With our wireless infrastructure services, you can rest assured that your organization has the reliable and secure wireless connectivity it needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, communication through the air is actually twice as fast as through fiber optic cables. The reason for this is electromagnetic waves travel 50% faster through the lower density of air than through the higher density of  the fiber optic cable glass.   Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet brings you closer to the speed of light!

  • Unlike fiber cables that need to follow roads, poles and wind around town, Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet offers a straight line of communication between you and our Internet Backbone.

  • We all agree fiber is a pretty reliable medium, but fiber is not immune to failure, vehicular accidents, trees that fall, crews that dig in the wrong area… the list goes on!   Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet relies on microwave towers that are insulated from the public and equipped with backup power generation. Less exposure to trouble allows for a highly resilient means of communication to the Internet and the world!

  • 4G LTE wireless networks share many of the benefits of  Infradapt’s Wireless Broadband Internet, with a very important exception, SPEED!  Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet offers symmetrical bandwidth, upload and download up to 2Gbps! Consumer grade products do not work well for your business when you need the speed to constantly upload information to the cloud.   Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet is designed for business use including file synchronization, backups and streaming to the cloud.

  • In a matter of 48 hours you can have your business connected to our Internet Backbone at a much lower cost than fiber or 4G LTE alternatives.

  • In a matter of 48 hours you can have your business connected to our Internet Backbone at a much lower cost than fiber or 4G LTE alternatives.


In addition to traditional IT offers, Infradapt developed InfraCloud our Cloud-Based Fixed Rate offering and InfraPremise our Premise-Based Fixed Rate and comprehensive offers that include all hardware, software, and services to satisfy your specific needs.

Unlike other companies that only broker or resell third party cloud services, Infradapt manages our own distributed cloud based infrastructure made available to all of our customers, in addition to third party public cloud services.

The more Infradapt infrastructure services you use, the more you transfer the risk associated with IT to Infradapt.

InfraCloud is fully protected with: Redundant Internet, Fire Suppression, Redundant Power, Redundant HVAC, Physical Security, Data Backup, Dust Control and much more.


Fixed Rate Cloud-Based Offers


Fixed Rate On-Premise Based Offers


Fixed Rate Total Support to Cloud, Premise or Hybrid Offers


Managed IT Services

All Inclusive Service and Support
IT Support
Telecom Support
Proactive Maintenance
Virtual CIO
Hassle Free Vendor Management
Cyber Security Management Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cyber security and cyber liability protection

Risk Assessment / Remediation Process
Staff Training / Process Implementation
24 / 7 Monitoring and Incident Response
Gap Analysis / Remediation Report
Compliance Documentation
Hyper Backup Protection

Outsourced IT For Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

24 / 7 / 365 Unlimited Helpdesk
All Hardware Included
Trouble-Ticketing System Included
Smartphone Included
Office 365 Software Plan Included
Business PBX Included
Private Cloud Included
Managed IT Services Included

Business Continuity & disaster recovery

Ransomware Protection
Real-Time Cloud Replication
Hyper Backup Protection
High Availability Architecture
Voice High Availability
Quickest Point-in-Time Restores

Outsources Telephony for Enterprises

24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring and Support
Hosted, Premise or Hybrid
Trouble-Ticketing System Included
Unlimited IVRs, VMs, and Queues
Skype and Salesforce Integration
Call Center / Contact Center Ready
High Availability Included
Telecom Management Included

Private Hybrid Cloud

No Capital Investment
Quick Provisioning
Flexibility and Elasticity
Private Cloud, Share Nothing
24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring and Alert
Data Bunker Facility
Redundant High-Bandwidth and Power


Outdated technology limiting your productivity?

In need of more organized business infrastructure?

Feeling limited by the restrictions of your current systems?


No matter the issues your company faces, when it comes to technology and information, Infradapt is here to help. Start by scheduling your free consultation, and we’ll work together to determine how Infradapt can help keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and productively.