Infradapt offers outsourced IT and network support services to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their computers, servers, networks, and applications. Our team of IT business specialists and engineers can evaluate your organization’s needs and provide customized solutions to help you run your business more efficiently.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is a pre-built combination of hardware, software, and services designed to offer a hassle-free and secure experience. Our IaaS is available in a hosted, hybrid, or premise-based IT model, providing a predictable and fixed-cost service with no surprises.

Our team can help extend, connect, and integrate your small business, allowing for secure and reliable remote telecommuting with seamless application and phone call flow. Whether you need support for one location or dozens of locations, we can provide the IT solutions your business needs to thrive.

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Available as a one-stop turn-key solution, Infradapt offers a total Outsourced IT infrastructure solution for small business. From file storage, virtual desktops, and Microsoft Office 365, the Turn-Key Small Business Platform also includes e-mail and phone service.


We migrate your environment from a premise-based situation to a cloud-based environment and run your workloads in the cloud. Whether your workload is voice, data or both, we have the experience and the expertise to make the transition seamless and as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Ideal for Small Office and Home Office (SoHo) applications, Infradapt’s affordable, hosted VoIP telephone system solution offers all the features, customization, and flexibility of an enterprise VoIP system. Choose from a variety of phone sets, calling plans—including an unlimited* domestic and/or international options—and advanced features.


    If you are looking for the next generation operating system from Microsoft with the added peace of mind of knowing it was done to your specifications, Infradapt’s hosted Windows is the solution.


    Exchange fully hosted and replicated. Nothing is more mission critical than communication. E-mail and telephony are at the heart of today’s enterprises. Your business deserves and needs the same reliability and features that the Fortune 100 companies rely on. Infradapt hosted e-mail and communication solutions give you just that – a Fortune 100 solution on a Small Business budget. (Compatible with mobile devices including iPhone, Android and Blackberry)


    Many ERP solutions today run on SQL databases. If you face the challenge of looking for a solution that will allow your entire company to gain access to the same data, all of the time, regardless of location – talk to us about how to host your ERP Software and/or your Application Databases.


    Asterisk is the most widely used Open Source PBX software in the world surpassing the number of installations of traditional vendors of proprietary IP Telephony like Cisco, Nortel and Avaya. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php, Perl, Python) is the open source base for many world class web enabled applications. Distributions: RedHat Enterprise Server; CentOS Linux Server; Ubuntu Server; FreeBSD; many more…


Computers, software, phones, and 24-hour support. Professionally managed and updated, all for one low price. Infradapt offers access to the latest software and hardware, as well as its 24/7 helpdesk for all your support needs.

Since few things in business change more quickly than the technology, who do you rely upon to support your work? With Infradapt, you can always be sure that you will have access to the latest tools when you want them without having to budget extra.

Built into Infradapt’s Outsourced IT support program is a periodic refresh where your organization will automatically receive new computers, laptops, phones, and other tools without paying more for the upgrades. As our clients migrate from on-site infrastructure to a hybrid configuration, eventually to a cloud-based platform, our solution evolves right alongside them meeting our customers’ needs.




Improve sales force productivity and deliver top-line business value with hosted predictive dialing and CRM integration. Infradapt offers a fully-managed predictive dialing and intelligent call routing platform as an enhancement to its telephony backbone.

  • Skill-based routing ensures the most capable agent takes each call
  • Live agent performance monitoring allows tracking agents by group, team, or individually
  • Live call monitoring and reporting allows supervisors and quality assurance staff to manage more effectively
  • Real-time campaign and list controls allow supervisors to stop and start campaigns at a moment’s notice


Infradapt offers a full range of contact center solutions—from Asterisk and Switchvox to Presence OpenGate—on-demand from its resilient cloud hosting platform. Whether you’re looking for a fully outsourced solution including telecommunications services or a hybrid model where you leverage existing in-house equipment, Infradapt can help you make an informed decision and quickly get you started.

A hosted solution offers many advantages over on-premise equipment, including built-in redundancy and expertise, reduced initial investment, faster go-live, and other benefits. Infradapt’s hosted platform solutions are monitored for high-availability 24/7 and designed to be highly resilient. All hosted solutions include full access to Infradapt’s 24-hour help desk and operations center so you will never have to worry about where to get help when you need it.


  • InfraPremise performs an extensive pre-sale consultation, evaluating network capacity, application requirements, server, desktop, laptop and mobile requirements, existing call flows (if applicable), current trunk and carrier services utilization, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity considerations to develop the most effective solution for your organization’s needs. In most cases, Infradapt is able to eliminate redundancy, upgrade equipment and services, and ultimately deliver a complete platform upgrade while reducing long-term operating costs.

  • As part of any deployment, Infradapt’s project management team makes sure things go smoothly. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project to coordinate logistics, manage schedules, and keep everyone in sync.

  • Infradapt’s 24-hour helpdesk is always available to support your network, computer, and telephony needs. Whether responding to a basic configuration question or a carrier outage, our front-line engineers will work with you to diagnose your problem and work with you from start to finish, ensuring rapid resolution. Periodic strategic consulting to review the effectiveness of your platform and operations will ensure that your organization continues to have the most efficient and cost-effective solution in place. Our relationship is an ongoing commitment to ensure capabilities meet requirements at the correct price point.

  • Whether you are expanding and opening a new site or confronting the limitations of an aging voice or data platform, Infradapt can implement your InfraPremise project from start to finish – evaluating system requirements, building a business case, and ultimately installing and supporting your ideal environment.

  • The goal of any migration or initial roll-out is a smooth transition with the least amount of business disruption possible. InfraPremise assigns an experienced project management team that has coordinated solution implementations in industries as diverse as aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services. From integrating with a legacy platform, to porting numbers between carriers, even migrating departments in phases, Infradapt has the experience to deliver on-time and on-budget. Our clients have confidence because we have done it before.

  • Most organizations deploying a new PBX only enable just enough features to mimic a previous system, missing a valuable opportunity. As part of a PBX deployment, InfraPremise will work with you to develop a plan to activate the most appropriate features for your organization and then conduct user, supervisor, or administrator training as needed. The goal is to ensure you achieve the maximum organizational benefit, including productivity enhancements. We operate in a similar fashion with regard to hardware and software, rigorously reviewing requirements and achieving the most cost-effective deployment of resources to meet both current and anticipated needs.

  • Ultimately, every site will experience some form of power or telecommunications service disruption to the point where callers will be unable to reach their system. In many cases, no cost to low-cost options are available from your carrier that will allow service to be redirected around such an outage. Additionally, Infradapt can even offer an optional business continuity service from its cloud voice platform that can sustain your organization through an extended site emergency or outage.

  • Infradapt analyses many factors when completing a project Return on Investment (ROI) study for an organization. Beyond the basic equipment replacement ROI, maintenance cost reduction, lease buyout or replacement advantage, etc. Infradapt also looks at how current and proposed infrastructure is being consumed. Phone and Internet costs are reviewed, carrier traffic studies are performed, and ultimately the most cost-effective solution is proposed for your organization. In many cases follow-up (and ongoing) post-implementation consumption studies can be performed to make sure your organization is not overspending on data and telecommunications hardware and software or underestimating demand and missing opportunities.


In addition to traditional IT offers, Infradapt developed InfraCloud our Cloud-Based Fixed Rate offering and InfraPremise our Premise-Based Fixed Rate and comprehensive offers that include all hardware, software, and services to satisfy your specific needs.

Unlike other companies that only broker or resell third party cloud services, Infradapt manages our own distributed cloud based infrastructure made available to all of our customers, in addition to third party public cloud services.

The more Infradapt infrastructure services you use, the more you transfer the risk associated with IT to Infradapt.

InfraCloud is fully protected with: Redundant Internet, Fire Suppression, Redundant Power, Redundant HVAC, Physical Security, Data Backup, Dust Control and much more.


Fixed Rate Cloud-Based Offers


Fixed Rate On-Premise Based Offers


Fixed Rate Total Support to Cloud, Premise or Hybrid Offers


Infradapt’s Managed Services Total Support solution is structured to reliably deliver up-time and contain technology spending. Using preventive maintenance, monitoring, and best-practice management methods to support your operation, as well as built-in hardware and software “refreshes”, Infradapt is able to offer this solution for a fixed fee.

The result is predictable and reliable performance. Total Support service plans are available for InfraPremise solutions designed to our clients who prefer to retain all of their IT assets in-house and on-site; Total Support service plans are also available for our hybrid solutions to clients who wish to introduce cloud services at a measured pace while retaining a significant on-site infrastructure.



Managed IT Services

All Inclusive Service and Support
IT Support
Telecom Support
Proactive Maintenance
Virtual CIO
Hassle Free Vendor Management
Cyber Security Management Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cyber security and cyber liability protection

Risk Assessment / Remediation Process
Staff Training / Process Implementation
24 / 7 Monitoring and Incident Response
Gap Analysis / Remediation Report
Compliance Documentation
Hyper Backup Protection

Outsourced IT For Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

24 / 7 / 365 Unlimited Helpdesk
All Hardware Included
Trouble-Ticketing System Included
Smartphone Included
Office 365 Software Plan Included
Business PBX Included
Private Cloud Included
Managed IT Services Included

Business Continuity & disaster recovery

Ransomware Protection
Real-Time Cloud Replication
Hyper Backup Protection
High Availability Architecture
Voice High Availability
Quickest Point-in-Time Restores

Outsources Telephony for Enterprises

24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring and Support
Hosted, Premise or Hybrid
Trouble-Ticketing System Included
Unlimited IVRs, VMs, and Queues
Skype and Salesforce Integration
Call Center / Contact Center Ready
High Availability Included
Telecom Management Included

Private Hybrid Cloud

No Capital Investment
Quick Provisioning
Flexibility and Elasticity
Private Cloud, Share Nothing
24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring and Alert
Data Bunker Facility
Redundant High-Bandwidth and Power


Outdated technology limiting your productivity?

In need of more organized business infrastructure?

Feeling limited by the restrictions of your current systems?


No matter the issues your company faces, when it comes to technology and information, Infradapt is here to help. Start by scheduling your free consultation, and we’ll work together to determine how Infradapt can help keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and productively.