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What is Asterisk?

During the last decade, open-source software has significantly changed the enterprise computing marketplace reducing costs, driving innovation, and ultimately displacing entrenched solutions in unexpected places. Almost no technology area was untouched, with the glaring exception of telephony long a bastion of high prices, artificial boundaries, and stubborn “my way” players. Enter Asterisk: The Open-Source PBX.

Turn-Key PBX Solutions

While based on innovative open-source software, Infradapt’s Asterisk PBX solutions are far from “do it yourself”. It specializes in delivering turn-key manageable solutions for customers in all industries not just those who manage software.

  • Extensive Pre-Sales Consultation
  • Detailed Project Management & Implementation
  • On-Site Training and Post-Installation Support
  • Full Maintenance and 24/7 Support Services
  • Leasing / Financing Available

Custom Telephony Solutions

Looking to use Asterisk to solve a complex telephony problem or provide phone-based services to your users?

Infradapt has developed a wide variety of Asterisk-based telephony applications, including database-driven IVR platforms, calling card solutions, customer satisfaction survey systems, payment by phone, and many more.

Contact us to discuss your project and explore what Asterisk can do!

Hosted Asterisk

Infradapt’s innovative hosted Asterisk PBX platform offers all the power of Asterisk in an on-demand “ready to go” environment. With detailed web-based reporting and management tools, low-cost calling plans, and international service availability, Infradapt’s solution can fit any business.

Learn more about Infradapt’s Hosted PBX solutions online or contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist for more information today!

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