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The Power of Asterisk and More

Digium’s Switchvox® SMB is a powerful, full-featured and cost-effective VoIP Unified Communications (UC) solution designed for small- to mid-sized businesses. Switchvox SMB delivers greater flexibility for your office communications, extending control of mission-critical applications traditionally accessed through the web interface directly to phone handsets.

Based on Digium’s Asterisk, the world’s most popular open source telephony engine, Switchvox SMB is a powerful IP PBX that integrates an easy-to-use web interface with innovative UC features such as fax, chat and video calling.

  • Powerful Web GUI
  • VoIP and Traditional PSTN Support
  • Call Queues (ACD)
  • Reporting (CDR and Queues)
  • Conferencing
  • Fax
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • IVRs and Auto-Attendants
  • Music on Hold
  • … and many more features!

Switchvox Mobile

Digium’s Switchvox Mobile is a freely available application for the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. Switchvox Mobile seamlessly integrates your Switchvox SMB phone system with your smartphone, unifying your communications no matter where you are.

Phone Feature Packs

The new Phone Feature Packs extend the power of the Switchvox to Polycom phone handsets for maximum control of the communications system. Features that were previously only available through the web interface are now made available through Phone Feature Packs to these phone handset displays. Users can easily access powerful features from their phone handsets, such as call recording, visual voicemail, a searchable company directory and call parking lots. New options for more fundamental phone functions, such as hands free click-to-call dialing, distinctive ringtones for different types of calls, extension failover to a backup Switchvox SMB server, and support for multiple extensions on a single handset, are also available in version 4.5.

The Right Size for Your Business

Appliance Model Supported Users Concurrent Calls Mobile Support Video Call Support Unified Messg. Built-in Hardware RAID
Switchvox 80 30 12
Switchvox 310 150 45
Switchvox 360 400 75
Switchvox 380 450 100
Switchvox 450 500 125
Switchvox 470 600 150


Switchvox Hosted

Infradapt offers the power of Digium Switchvox on-demand via its resilient cloud hosting platform. Stop worrying about carriers, reduce your telecommunications costs, and explore the future of communications.

    • Full Switchvox Solution
    • Built-In Redundancy
    • Cost-Effective Phone Service
    • Instant Activation
    • Port Your Phone Numbers
    • Secure High-Bandwidth Colocation Facilities
Hosted Switchvox
Click here for a diagram of Infradapt’s Hosted Switchvox Solution.

If you support remote workers, have a distributed office environment, or just want to try Switchvox without the hassle of on-site equipment, Infradapt’s Hosted Switchvox is the solution for you!

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