Outsourced IT for Businesses


About the Company

Infradapt started as the adaptive infrastructure company. We provide comprehensive IT hosting, consulting and outsourcing solutions that positively impact our clients bottom lines.

Over the years, Infradapt has developed strong cloud-based offerings that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Applications as a Service (AaaS) flavors.

It became clear, over time,  that small businesses rely on Infradapt almost exclusively for all IT related needs, while large enterprise clients take advantage of Infradapt’s vast open-source telephony platforms, fulfillment and services.

  • IP Telephony (VoIP) Hosting, VoIP infrastructure implementation and Enterprise, premise-based, multi-site Call Center system implementations have been front and center throughout the company’s history.
  • Through our internally-developed multi-site VPN infrastructure implementation and management methodology, Infradapt has been able to expand our customers’ presence nationally and internationally with outstanding reliability and at extremely reasonable costs.
  • E-Mail Hosting, Database Hosting, ERP Hosting, Virtual Desktop Hosting and fully fledged Private Cloud implementations happened naturally, as a result of the company’s expertise.

Recognized internationally for service and engineering excellence, Infradapt is proud to be selected as a business partner by highly discriminating IT experts.

Infradapt was formed in 2006 as a result of a merger between the collective organizations of LanXperts, McFadden Associates, and Vital IT Solutions. Each of these companies had operated for many years, serving customers in a variety of industries.

Infradapt Mission Statement

The Infradapt philosophy is that by serving our clients with integrity and innovation, we serve ourselves.

Our mission is to deliver freedom against restrictive or unreliable technologies and to improve our clients’ focus on their core business.

At Infradapt, we believe enthusiasm, maturity, and ultimately a creative vision that exceeds client expectations will always ensure our success.


Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how to optimize your data infrastructure and maximize your company’s productivity.