Outsourced IT for Businesses


Support Solutions That Never Let You Down.

Infradapt’s Managed IT Services solution focuses on maintaining our clients Computer, Server, and Voice networks so that clients can focus on their core business. Best of all, with our flat rate (fixed price) plan, your support is unlimited and you won’t face unpredictable costs or nickle-and-dime charges. Built into every one of our Managed IT Services plans is a review, audit, monitoring, and forecasting process that allows us to proactively defend against downtime and anticipate problems before they happen. In addition to our various fixed fee or flat rate service plans, we also serve different infrastructure models, simply described as Premise, Hybrid, or Cloud.

Managed IT Services Premise is designed to meet the needs of our customers who prefer an operational environment that is wholly on-site. Managed IT Services Hybrid, allows clients to introduce cloud elements into their organization according to a gradual and customized schedule. Finally, for our InfraCloud customers, we provide Managed IT Services Cloud, which supports all of our client’s Premise-Based infrastructure while simultaneously maintaining their Cloud-Based resources, applications, and data.

  • Monitoring
  • Routine Service
  • 24-Hour Call Center
  • Compliance / Security
  • Comprehensive Documentation

Our InfraPremise offering can include hardware and software upgrades, monitoring, and real time alerts while our Hybrid approach can deliver Disaster Recovery, SIP protocol capabilities, carrier redundancy, and more features that can prepare for an organization to take advantage of Cloud-Based services and benefits. Managed IT Services for InfraCloud provides complete peace of mind with maximum flexibility.

Strategic Insight

Typical “break fix” repair services lack a genuinely high-level strategic component, creating inevitable deficiencies in technology delivery and support. This contrasts significantly with Infradapt’s Managed Service Total Support solution that provides constant access to Infradapt’s senior technologists and business analysts, as well as routinely scheduled reviews of asset performance and service effectiveness.

24-Hour Call Center

Our front-line Helpdesk staff is capable of providing assistance with desktop operating systems, Microsoft application software, as well as general telephone and computer problems. In the event any problem requires a higher level of expertise, the Helpdesk is staffed with Tier 2 and Tier 3 level technicians.

Predictable & Routine Service

On a regular basis, an Infradapt technician can visit your facility to perform physical equipment maintenance and coordinate with staff members to identify problems.

Compliance / Security

The Infradapt approach builds upon existing customer security practices. If there are gaps in a client’s overall security posture, Infradapt will recommend changes that take into consideration the client’s budget, business practices, and tolerance for risk.

Monitoring / Forecasting

Infradapt uses advanced application and service availability monitors to constantly verify the integrity of your organization’s technology structure. In the event of an abnormal system response – whether a hardware failure, capacity problem, or other issues Infradapt support staff is notified instantly and a resolution is formulated.

Comprehensive Documentation

As part of our standard service plan, Infradapt provides and maintains comprehensive IT infrastructure documentation including equipment manifests, disaster recovery procedures, software licensing, and other compliance-related information.

Outsourced CIO – The Advantage of Strategic Insight

Our firm never takes a passive approach when it comes to the direction of your IT infrastructure. Our ongoing process of strategic consulting involves the recommendation, specification, and ultimately the qualification of products and vendors to improve efficiency and meet the needs of a growing or changing business. Simply reacting to capacity problems and urgent needs is not an acceptable operational standard for a successful organization.

As a Managed IT Services client, you will have routine access to high-level strategic consulting regularly and whenever needed. Your hardware and software will be monitored and reviewed for health and performance, and replaced if necessary. Each quarter you’ll have a business conversation with a professional vCIO to discuss issues, plans, and goals.

For those infrequent events, such as a strategic challenge, a merger, or even a relocation—senior technologists from Infradapt will engage with you early in the process and take a leadership role, ensuring your technology is ready to go.

  • Routine IT Asset Performance Reviews
  • Storage and Network Utilization Trending
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Software Product Assessment
  • Support Services Consumption Reviews

Infradapt Managed IT Services Offerings

All-Inclusive Service and Support

  • 24x7x365 Helpdesk
  • Remote Support and Remote Assistance
  • On-site Support as Needed
  • Parts Replacement Services
  • State-Of-The-Art Troble-Ticketing System
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Smartphone Support

Proactive Maintenance

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Alert System
  • Mission Critical Server Performance Alerts
  • Mission Critical Services Availability Alerts
  • Patch Management
  • Disk Clean-Ups

Hassle Free Vendor Management

  • Line Of Business Applications
  • Telecom and Internet Service Providers
  • Web Site Consultants/Companys
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Phone System Vendors

Virtual CIO

  • Quarterly Technology Reviews and Future Proofing
  • Technology Consulting and Engineering
  • Project Management of On-Site Implementations
  • Proof of Concept / Lab Testing
  • Anual Telco Audits
  • Loaner Equipment
  • Training Facilities
  • Disaster Recovery Facilities

Edge Security Management

  • Desktop Anti-Virus Automatic Updates
  • Spyware, Botnets and Phishing Protection
  • E-Mail Virus and Spam Control
  • Web Content Filtering and Reporting
  • E-Mail Archiving and E-Mail Continuity
  • Firewall Management
  • Secure VPN Access Management

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Automatic Hourly Backups
  • Data Secured in Three Places
  • Automated Nightly Data Tranfer Off-site
  • Backup Verification and Reporting
  • 24x7x365 Backup Failure Monitoring and Notification

Learn More

To request more information or an on-site demonstration, please contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist at 1-800-394-2301.

Support Solution for Small & Medium Sized Business

Infradapt's Total Support solution is the perfect fit for small and mid-sized businesses. Far more economical than hiring in-house staff and much more effective than contracting a typical "break fix" support vendor, Infradapt's support solution is designed to deliver better performance and a better value.

  • 24/7/365 Support (No Vacations)
  • Server, Network, and Application Support
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Strategic Insight / Consulting

More Qualified Alternative to In-House Staffing

If your organization is contemplating hiring an in-house staff member to deal with technology issues, consider hiring an entire department at a lower cost. Infradapt's Total Support solution is designed precisely to overcome the limitations of typical small business budgets, delivering a solution far more capable and reliable than any entry-level IT hire.

  • No need to qualify potential hires
  • No need to pay for benefits and vacations
  • No payroll taxes
  • No need to pay for training

Always Available

When hiring Infradapt, the advantages over a typical "break fix" provider or sole-proprietor technologist will become immediately clear. Infradapt provides an experienced team that has the depth to support your day-to-day needs as well as respond on-demand to emergencies whenever they occur.

  • No vacations
  • Available by phone and e-mail 24/7/365

No Surprises

Typically, small businesses employ technology support only as a last resort after having exhausted internal capabilities. This approach may contain spending in the short-run but ultimately costs the business much more in poorly-timed demands for capital, system downtime, and lost productivity. The Total Support solution is structured to reliably deliver uptime and contain technology spending. Using preventive maintenance, monitoring, and best-practice management methods to support your operation, unexpected spending can be reduced or eliminated.

Support Solutions for Public / Regulated Enterprises

Infradapt's Total Support solution offers day-to-day IT administration and support services in addition to specialized regulatory compliance and audit support. Our clients include divisions of well-known Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Publicly-Traded

Cost-Effective IT Department

Infradapt's Total Support helpdesk works like an extension of your organization. Offering seamless integration with in-house phone and e-mail systems, Infradapt's workflow and ticket management platform will give your users the quick and easy support they need. As a full-service organization, Infradapt can be an incredibly cost-effective alternative to a complete in-house staff. Whether entirely replacing or simply augmenting the skills of an in-house group, Infradapt can provide project fulfillment services, Tier-1 helpdesk, Tier-2/3 helpdesk, strategic consulting, and many other services.

  • Tier-1 Helpdesk
  • Tier-2 / 3 Helpdesk
  • Application Support
  • Monitoring & Asset Management
  • Audit Support
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Consulting

Infradapt offers additional value over internal staff expansions because we qualify and train a comprehensive support organization that consistently exceeds industry standards.

Multi-Location / Distributed Workforce Support

Many of Infradapt's Total Support solution customers have national and international multi-location workforces. Decentralized operations, remote offices, and roaming users inherently create security and support challenges. Infradapt has extensive experience efficiently supporting distributed operations, employing time-saving remote support software tools and other technologies.

Strict Regulatory Standards Adherence

Infradapt understands the special challenges associated with today's complex regulatory environment. From the latest iteration of HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley to more specialized industry-specific legislation, Infradapt will work with you to ensure technology controls are consistently implemented and policies enforced.

  • Policy Design
  • Documentation
  • Security Event Monitoring Systems

Internal & External Audit Support Services

Infradapt works alongside your organization's internal audit team throughout your annual or other audit events. Providing detailed documentation and responses to internal or external auditors, performing comparative penetration tests and recommending remediation steps are among the many services available.