HACE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community development organization. With a core focus in providing economic assistance to the Latino community, HACE delivers a variety of social services within Philadelphia to assist with housing, education, and the overall advancement of the Latino community.

The Challenge

HACE aimed to establish a relevant technology infrastructure to achieve its goals and required an outsourced IT partner for integrating new technologies, providing ongoing support, and guiding its growth and expansion. Ensuring that all 30 users could communicate and collaborate across eight locations within the city was crucial, but HACE manager David Gonzalez was concerned about the overhead typically involved in developing a modern technology environment. Achieving this goal would have usually demanded years of planning and investment for their organization.

The Approach

Infradapt differentiates itself in the IT world by following a process similar to a doctor meeting a patient for the first time. Instead of prescribing medicine immediately, a doctor often performs bloodwork or runs scans to better understand the patient’s condition before making recommendations. Similarly, Infradapt approached HACE’s environment with a two-part “Discovery” focused on high-level business goals and the current technical capacity.


With no dedicated IT staff and minimal infrastructure in place, Infradapt worked closely with HACE executives to identify key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in their current technology strategy, paying careful attention to preparing the environment for future expansion. After completing the project, Infradapt presented a full solution to provide recommendations on how to best remediate and support the environment.


David Gonzalez praised Infradapt’s approach, saying, “The time and attention that Infradapt’s team took to understand our environment and culture was phenomenal. Our executives had many goals for our community and understood that technology would play a pivotal role in our future efforts – we just had no idea where to start! Infradapt’s in-depth approach to establishing a technical roadmap to achieve our goals has provided us with an infrastructure that our organization can rely on without concern.”

The Benefits

HACE networked all eight locations, provided staff with updated and managed hardware/software, consolidated and virtualized on-site servers, upgraded their phone system, and invested in a tailored cloud environment – all within their defined budget.