Keast & Hood Company

Keast & Hood Co. is a structural engineering firm with offices in Philadelphia and Washington DC. Founded in 1953, Keast & Hood employs more than 40 people and services clients across the country.

The Challenge

Keast & Hood, a structural engineering firm, faced high costs to update their employees’ hardware, software, and programs with limited future benefits. Principal Fred Baumert, aware of cloud computing and off-premise data storage’s potential, sought to centralize the firm’s data systems.


Partnering with lnfradapt since the mid-90s, they decided to centralize servers at an off-site location with robust backup, providing high-speed internet connections to their Philadelphia and Washington DC offices. Despite initial reservations, lnfradapt assured them of a suitable plan.

The Approach

Infradapt initiated a two-month test phase for Baumert’s team to evaluate the cloud’s responsiveness, storage requirements, video capabilities, and hardware and software needs. Facing issues with their AutoCAD system, Infradapt optimized the configuration, quickly increasing RAM allocations and splitting the load between two servers.


After the test phase, Infradapt equipped the firm with over 40 personal computers and specialized software to meet their demands and clients’ needs.

The Benefits

Throughout this process, Baumert worked with Infradapt’s Managing Partners, noting, “Being able to work with the top guys was enormously helpful, and something you won’t find with many other IT infrastructure companies.” Baumert praised their strong relationship, confidence, and ability to meet the firm’s needs.


During Hurricane Sandy, Infradapt’s consultative approach and customer service proved invaluable. Baumert recalled, “Infradapt’s Managing Partners called us days before the storm… They even went so far as to call me at home in the midst of the storm to make sure that Senior Management was able to conduct business with clients…” Infradapt’s proactive support allowed the firm to meet a critical deadline while other companies faced server issues, demonstrating their exceptional commitment.