Lower Macungie Township

Lower Macungie Township (LMT) is a municipal authority located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Established in 1832, the township has grown to over 30,000 residents, and is considered to be one of the fastest growing areas in the Commonwealth. Lower Macungie Township is comprised of 29 employees spanning 3 locations.

The Challenge

Technology has become crucial to modern offices, requiring continuous investment to effectively serve the public. Faced with an aging infrastructure and increasing network demands, LMT administration realized the need for an update. Township Manager Bruce Beitel acknowledged their need for a mature technology partner to guide strategic planning and align their network with the administration’s vision, leading them to seek Infradapt’s assistance.

The Approach

Infradapt conducted a “Discovery Process” with Lower Macungie administration to analyze their environment and identify opportunities for improvement. Upgrades were needed in network infrastructure, phone system, and server hardware and software. Infradapt proposed a solution to meet industry standards and ensure future scalability. They migrated server production to a custom-built private InfraCloud environment, updated the phone system to a VoIP platform, and upgraded critical network infrastructure.


Infradapt implemented a “Defense in Depth” methodology to secure the network against cyber-crime targeting public sector infrastructure. They installed security monitoring tools, conducted phishing simulations, provided staff training on cybersecurity best practices, and secured remote access through multi-factor authentication.

The Benefits

Lower Macungie Township chose Infradapt because of their experience with serving local government entities throughout the Commonwealth. Their in-house expertise made for a consultative experience that addressed the environment in a holistic fashion.


Infradapt’s proposal, including hardware, software and ongoing management services, was proposed to the Lower Macungie administration at a single flat monthly rate. “Infradapt provided a one-stop-shop for all of our technology needs. After the time they took to understand our environment, and understand our challenges, we saw it as a simple decision to move forward with the solution they proposed.”


Overall, Infradapt’s solution provided Lower Macungie Township with fully outsourced IT operation that would not only manage the immediate concerns and day-to-day issues, but also strategically plan for the future flexibility and scalability of the Township.