NEWS: Your New Hires Need to Understand Their Role in Maintaining an Efficient and Secure Workplace

May 16, 2023

Every organization that uses technology has policies and procedures that dictate the way that the people that work there have to deal with the technology that they give them. When you hire new employees, you need to be able to get them to understand that they have a significant role to play in the way that the business operates. Let’s go through some of the considerations you need to explain to your new employees so they can better understand how to interact with business technology. 


Data Management 

Managing data is a big deal for nearly any organization, and during the onboarding process it should be brought to new hires’ attention. It is their responsibility to file digital data in the proper places. If your organization doesn’t do a good job informing new hires exactly how they go about managing their internal data before deploying them to do a job, there is a good chance that data that belongs in one place will be filed away in another. It has a negative effect on the overall efficiency of the business and can be a point of contention if it isn’t reinforced. 

Removable Media

Nowadays, using removable media in business doesn’t make much sense. Most businesses have network attached storage and cloud computing resources that they can use to transfer information. If an employee were to have to use an external media source it would have to be one provided by the company. Any other removable media should not be brought into a business. 


Employees need to know how their organization deals with the devices they bring onto the work network. Most people will have a smartphone—and a lot of organizations have set up policies that govern the use of smartphones for work purposes—but policies for other devices that are brought onto the network, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart speakers, may not be clear. These devices are endpoints, same as workstations and need to be secured against.


Chances are that any worker that is using a computer for work, will need to be taught how to interact with online resources, including email and social media. As far as risk, access to the Internet for a new employee is right up there with giving them hazardous materials to dispose of. Even the most seasoned Internet users can fall victim to phishing attacks or other malicious entities on the Internet, so for the uninitiated, it is important that they understand just how critical it is to be vigilant in the face of unrelenting threats. Before they are unleashed, they should have to prove that they:


  • Understand phishing tactics – Phishing is the number one threat to any business right now. Phishing, a social engineering tactic that aims to gain authorization to network resources, can result in data breaches, malware, and more. 
  • Know About Authorization – How to create unique and strong passwords, use password management, and enact multi-factor authentication is all important information for every employee to know. 
  • Understand the Dangers of Using Unauthorized Software – New hires should understand that network administrators handle the downloading, updating, and deleting of software, not employees. The better they understand that any unapproved application could be the one that puts a business in danger, the more likely they will be reluctant to go ahead and try to download unapproved software on their company workstations.


Since employees play an important role in your business’ success, when you onboard some new ones make sure that they won’t be the ones that reverse that trend. If you would like help from our IT experts at Infradapt, call us today at 484-546-2000.