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For over 15 years, Infradapt has been helping businesses, communities and housing authorities guarantee the safety of tenants, residents and staff. Security cameras are a necessity if safety is a priority.

Having the correct security measures put in place prevents crimes from happening in the first place because of the risk of being caught.

The top priority when owning or managing an apartment complex is safety. Safety brings peace of mind to residents which brings peace of mind to management and staff.

Gladly, over the years it has become easier and more cost effective to create a safe environment with the use of surveillance systems. CCTV and security cameras have come a long way in terms of pricing and affordability.

Criminal cases are dropping proportionally as more cameras are installed. Surveillance cameras can also be used to deter crime by increasing the likelihood of arrest and punishment. Take Chicago, IL and Baltimore, MD for example, after security camera systems were installed in the cities, the following month showed a reduction of 20% and maintained that level for some time.

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A good video surveillance system not only helps deter criminal activity, but it can also make your community more sought after.
To make sure you get the most from surveillance, You must understand what it can accomplish for you and how to use it most effectively.

What are the Benefits of Installing a CCTV Camera System ? How does Video Surveillance Help ?

Peace of Mind

Tenants and guests should feel safe and comfortable as they move around your property. Renters can gain peace of mind from security cameras because they discourage would-be burglars and vandals.
Installing cameras in areas such as corridors, entrances, exits, courtyards, and green spaces allows tenants to gather for social activities while knowing that their safety is a priority for complex management.

Most break-ins, thefts, and vandalism are oppportunistic crimes that are performed when the chances of being caught are low.
If you place security cameras in view of possible intruders and post signage, you considerably raise the likelihood that a criminal will be stopped or recognized, lowering the possibility that crimes will occur.

Prevents Crime

Criminals, at least the smart ones, are less inclined to act when strong security measures are in place.
Consider this: if someone wanted to commit vandalism, theft, or another crime, they would be less inclined to target a facility with several security cameras than one without.

Surveillance can deter crime simply by being there. To take deterrence a step further, the above-mentioned remote video surveillance service can deter crime as it occurs.
Criminals are more likely to run when authorities sound alarms or issue verbal warnings.


Even if you carefully place cameras around your building, you can never be certain that a criminal will not act.
You can, however, be certain that you will have the footage you require thereafter.

Security camera recordings will not only protect you as a building owner, they will also help law enforcement deal with the aftermath of a crime on your premises.

Safety Brings Value to Property and Community

The guaranteed safety of yourself and your belongings is priceless. Nobody wants to have their belongings stolen or damaged.
When you are able to guarantee safety, you make the area more attractive for the right people to form a community.

Wrongdoers will think twice before living in an area where they are more likely to get caught.

All of this adds monetary value and a good quality of life to the community.

How We Can Help

Infradapt has been helping apartment complexes and housing authorities promote safety in their properties for years by planning and installing security camera systems.

Following up with maintenance and always making sure best practices are being used are essential in order to guarantee safety.

The architects and engineers at Infradapt provide the knowledge and expertise we need to ensure quality and reliable cctv systems are positioned precisely where they need to be. Infradapt is able to improve existing security camera systems or build a whole security system infrastructure from scratch for an affordable price.

As IT Specialists, our top priority is the safety of clients in our care and of those in their care.
We are able to provide the best quality cameras for the best price. Whether you are a small business owner or manage apartments, we would love to help.

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