Forks Township & Police Department

Forks Township, in Northampton County, is a municipality located right in the heart of the Lehigh Valley. With a population over 16,000 residents, the administration manages municipal needs – from permits and road maintenance to fire emergencies and law enforcement. 


Forks Township is comprised of 47 full time employees and 23 part time and seasonal staff spanning 6 locations throughout the Township.

The Challenge

Forks Township administrators sought professional recommendations for their network infrastructure due to the surge in cyber threats targeting public sector entities and the need for proactive technology management. They conducted an RFP process for Managed IT Services to find a technology partner.


Township Manager Donna Asure and Chief of Police Gregory Dorney recognized the importance of a holistic partnership. Adhering to the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) FBI Security Policy, the Police Department required 24/7/365 support to ensure uninterrupted service.

Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policy Compliance

A joint program of the FBI, State Identification Bureaus, and CJIS Systems Agency, the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy outlines the security precautions that must be taken to protect sensitive law enforcement information.

Such requirements include but are not limited to wireless networking, remote access, encryption,
certification of cryptographic modules, and minimum key lengths. Infradapt’s private cloud infrastructure and helpdesk support partnerships are inherently designed to satisfy the core requirements of Federal CJIS compliance and audits.

The Approach

After bidding against nearly 10 local providers, Infradapt’s proposal stood out as the most detailed solution to address the present needs and future direction of Forks Township’s environment.

“It was clear from the proposal submission that Infradapt had an extensive methodology for managing the dynamic cyber threats that local government and law enforcement agencies face” said Chief Dorney, “Our server infrastructure has been revamped, and is now more secure thanks to Infradapt’s consultation and partnership”.


The Network Discovery process compares an organization’s cybersecurity to industry standards and produces a comprehensive report. Infradapt’s discovery process facilitated a smooth transition of services and implemented a management strategy that ensures proactive network management, compliance, and alignment with the latest security protocols. Staff training was also conducted to raise awareness around cybersecurity and technology best practices, including the importance of users in protecting the network.

The Benefits

Infradapt provided Forks Township & Police Department with a mature IT team that is familiar with the needs of local government and law enforcement entities. Through a tailored partnership, Infradapt delivered all hardware, software, and ongoing management services at an affordable price point. The administration was seamlessly transitioned to a more proactive, responsive, and reliable IT partnership with the close attention of Infradapt’s professional expertise.