Harrisburg housing Authority

Established in 1938, the Harrisburg Housing Authority (HHA) is a Public Housing Agency (PHA) that oversees affordable housing programs and community development.


With 9 locations and over 1500 units, Harrisburg Housing Authority has continued to expand their operations over the years.

The Challenge

Organizations must decide between creating an internal IT team or collaborating with a specialized IT firm. As technology has greatly transformed the way PHAs accomplish their mission, it has also increased complexity and the need for comprehensive management. Harrisburg Housing Authority, realizing the intricacies of managing these systems, sought external consultation for managed IT services in 2010. Previously, they relied on a client-server model, which proved inadequate for the industry shift towards cloud-based infrastructure.


After evaluating several providers, Infradapt stood out as the best choice, given their deep understanding of public housing challenges and their ability to help shape the Authority’s future technology landscape.

The Approach

Upon initially partnering with Infradapt, Senghor’s environment was analyzed for efficiency, compliance, and best practices, laying a foundation for a successful collaboration. Over the years, they worked on infrastructure standardization, cybersecurity, and hardware asset management. They overcame challenges related to tenant information access, data portability, and connectivity to modernize the infrastructure.


Infradapt’s partnership model allowed strategic network management and planning for the Authority’s future. They virtualized servers, consolidated the server footprint, backed up administrative files in a hybrid hosted infrastructure, and overhauled voice systems for cost-effectiveness and redundancy. Surveillance systems were deployed cost-efficiently, and a layered security strategy following NIST guidelines protected the environment from growing threats.


Infradapt served as the fully outsourced IT resource and maintained the environment. Their vendor and manufacturer agnostic approach fostered effective collaboration on various technology initiatives for HHA.

The Benefits

Instead of relying on a small specialized team, HHA partnered with an entire team of Tier 1 through Tier 3 technicians experienced in serving Public Housing Authorities. Infradapt has been a consultative voice and administrative leader for the Authority’s IT needs, shaping their technology usage to better serve tenants.


By choosing Infradapt, Harrisburg Housing Authority partnered with technology integrators that deeply understood the current needs and long-term objectives of affordable housing organizations.