National Media Corporation

A National Media Corporation with over 100 subsidiaries faced the challenge of aging and diverse telephony platforms throughout the organization. The lack of standardization led to difficulties in managing and maintaining the systems, as well as increased costs.

The Challenge

The primary goals for the project included standardizing telephony platforms across all subsidiaries to ensure consistent communication, guaranteeing 100% uptime for mission-critical communication to maintain seamless operations, reducing the total cost of ownership to optimize financial resources, and eliminating telecom waste in order to streamline the organization’s communication infrastructure.


The Corporation chose Infradapt to modernize and standardize its telephony infrastructure. Infradapt’s approach began with a thorough evaluation of the existing systems and carrier services.

The Approach

The project implemented triple-level redundancy to ensure complete site survivability through a combination of local and cloud-based resources. It also involved evaluating carrier services to rightsize and consolidate them for improved efficiency and ease of administration. To eliminate single points of failure, multiple paths were employed for connecting local and cloud resources. Additionally, the project leveraged a flexible infrastructure that utilized both company-owned assets and Infradapt’s cloud services, avoiding vendor lock-in while minimizing costs.

The Benefits

Infradapt successfully implemented the proposed solution for the National Media Corporation, delivering a standardized, modern telephony infrastructure across all subsidiaries, 100% uptime for mission-critical communication, reduced total cost of ownership, and simplified administration with the elimination of telecom waste. Through a strategic partnership with Infradapt, the National Media Corporation gained a reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof telephony solution tailored to its specific needs.