The New School of Lancaster

The New School of Lancaster is a Montessori School in Pennsylvania, offering Pre-K through 8th grade education to 240 students since 1990.

The Challenge

Facing physical and budget constraints, the school aimed to enhance technology integration in their curriculum. Hindered by an uncooperative vendor and limited technology, they needed significant improvement to create a better learning environment, a goal that seemed to demand extensive planning and investment.

The Approach

The New School explored multiple vendors for a wireless solution to modernize their environment. Infradapt understood their goals and showed that a Helpdesk, Backup & Disaster Recovery, a VoIP Phone System, student technology, security upgrades, and more could be achieved within their budget.


Infradapt helped Operations Director Day Waters comprehend their environment’s scope, necessary updates, and project approach, as they had been limited to their previous vendor’s preferred products.

Infradapt quickly assessed the school’s 45 employees, 27 classrooms, and minimal infrastructure, designing a solution tailored to their needs and allowing for future expansion. They then presented the recommendations to the Administrative staff.


Day Waters said the transition was easy, as Infradapt provided an all-in-one deployment that modernized their facilities within a month, just in time for school.

The Benefits

The New School partnered with Infradapt for its value in providing new infrastructure, solution design, implementation, and support within their budget. Infradapt’s staff became a reliable IT arm for the school, unlike other providers who didn’t understand their environment or offer cost-effective solutions.


Infradapt effectively functioned as the school’s IT department at a lower cost than hiring internal IT staff, offering a support desk that resolves issues promptly and efficiently.