Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization in and on itself is nothing new. It started with the idea of a software layer to standardize and adapt input and output of processes and it evolved from there into new ideas, applications and methods. What we today call “Hypervisor” is the very sophisticated evolution of the “Emulators” of the 1980′s while “Emulators” have been the evolution of the “Interpreter” programs from the late 1950′s (IBM 709 interpreter).

Nowadays the term Virtualization is typically used to indicate Hardware Virtualization or the ability to run many dissimilar and isolated Operating Systems (Software) in one or many Physical Hosts (Hardware). While this is the typical application of the term, there are many other instances where virtualization applies. Virtualization also allows for flexibility and efficiency when properly utilized, because it allows for functional behavior to be changed with simple reconfiguration instead of complex reprogramming or physical re-connections.

Infradapt masters the appropriate use of Virtualization Technologies and its applications related to Networking (LAN and WAN Virtualization) as well as Hardware Virtualization.

The Mystery Behind Cloud Computing

The term Cloud Computing has been an evolving term. It seems to have been originated from network diagrams where one could not precisely describe exactly how a service was being delivered. Businesses were dependent upon services they could not exactly describe, but nonetheless, the services were delivered and proved to be very reliable. As of late, the cloud indicates something you cannot exactly describe; generally delivered over the Internet and that supposedly never goes down.

One of the mysteries behind cloud computing is: why it is so reliable?

Ultimately, every cloud computing service runs on real hardware, with real power and uses real bandwidth, so where the reliability comes from? A big part of the reliability comes from virtualization technologies. Virtualization technologies allow for a collection of redundant hardware and software to support dissimilar workloads and allow for these workloads to continue to run independent of any single hardware or software failure. Add to this mix a carefully provisioned environment with redundant power, redundant HVAC, redundant bandwidth and you start getting the picture of where the cloud reliability comes from.

While any business can put together and manage a Cloud Infrastructure like Infradapt did, ultimately this proposition does not make business sense. The expenditures involved in building and managing a Cloud based infrastructure are so great, that if a business does that, it might as well change its core function to become a cloud services provider. This is very much like power generation. Every business needs electric power to achieve its goal and conduct business, but the power generation and distribution is a very specialized industry and most other businesses only buy electricity.

Infradapt InfraCloud

Infradapt’s cloud-based hosted services platform InfraCloud offers a range of hardware virtualization, Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as hybrid business continuity solutions. We make the cloud work for you.

  • Full Network Virtualization
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • On-Demand Server and Application Hosting

Hardware Virtualization

Infradapt was an early adopter of hardware virtualization technologies, using VMWare and other solutions to accelerate the development of its own infrastructure as well as that of its customers. We have helped our customers consolidate hundreds of physical servers and are currently a VMWare cloud computing platform partner.

  • Server Consolidation
  • Platform Migrations
  • Storage / Backup of Virtualized Infrastructures

Consolidation / On-Site Virtualization

Infradapt provides turn-key virtualization platforms for on-site server consolidation. Immediate benefits include reduction in administration and operational costs – including power and physical footprint reductions. Long-term benefits include higher up time and reliability as well as more flexible operations.

  • Turn-key Implementation
  • Consulting / Analysis of On-Site Strategy
  • Management / Support Services

Managed Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Infradapt offers turn-key, cost effective, end to end VPN infrastructures that spans hundreds of sites, with or without redundant links for survivability. You benefit from the reduction in administration and operational costs. Long-term benefits include higher up time and reliability as well as more flexible operations.

  • Turn-key Implementation
  • Consulting / Analysis of On-Site Strategy
  • Management / Support Services

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