Razor thin margins. The last thing you need now is to invest in IT.

Worried about refreshing your park of workstations and servers? Want to expand your agency and allow for your agents to work remotely from home? You have more important things to do with your money than invest in IT infrastructure.

The need is still there, how to reconcile what you need with what you want?

With a combination of InfraCloud Hosted Infrastructure and Total Support Managed Services you get a predictable fixed cost environment from Infradapt.

Our hosted infrastructure is fully compliant with current regulations and offers the up-time, security and flexibility.


  • A secure, affordable, trouble-free alternative to purchasing, managing and maintaining phone and desktop equipment fully compliant with you GDS, including: SABRE, Amadeus CRS, Galileo CRS and Worldspan.

Managed Services

  • Hosted VoIP telephone system solution with all the features, customization, and flexibility of the best enterprise VoIP system
  • Choose from a variety of phone sets, calling plans—including an unlimited* domestic or international option—and advanced features
  • Managed and monitored desktops, laptops, servers and networks
  • Installation, management and update of virus, spam and spyware/malware protection software (security)
  • Installation and managed software updates and patches
  • Servers and workstations back-ups
  • Installation and management of firewalls
  • Hosted e-mail in our data centers
  • Anywhere access to your e-mail
  • Worry-free wireless access for faculty and students
  • Access to IT expertise
  • Onsite support for all laptops and tablet PCs
  • 24/7/365 customer support via our U.S.-based Total Support Managed Services Center
  • Single dedicated Account Executive to make sure your issues and concerns are addressed

Optional Services

  • Desktop Encryption – Infradapt offers provide whole disk encryption for laptops and desktops running Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. We fully manage the entire encryption process, including administering policies, users, configurations and other aspects. Desktop encryption is an optional service
  • E-mail Options – E-mail is critical to all organizations. We offer the following options to our hosted e-mail service:
    • Mobile e-mail
    • E-mail archiving
    • Archiving for compliance
    • E-mail encryption

Many of the services included in Total Support Managed Services are available “a la carte”. We will work closely with you to make sure that your particular needs are met.

Use our expertise , hardware, software and services at your location with InfraPremise.

With Infradapt’s phased approach to Premise- and Cloud-Based Managed Services, you can have the best of both worlds. Talk to one of our dedicated Account Executives and learn how to achieve your goals on your time frame. We will customize our solutions to meet your needs.

Learn More

Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt’s deck of solutions can benefit your agency.