Wireless Broadband Internet

Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet is a lower cost alternative to expensive Fiber and 4G LTE hookups.

Business class, high throughput, symmetrical, low latency microwave based Internet access service.

  • Lower Latency than Fiber

    Contrary to popular belief, communication through the air is actually twice as fast as through fiber optic cables. The reason for this is electromagnetic waves travel 50% faster through the lower density of air than through the higher density of  the fiber optic cable glass.   Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet brings you closer to the speed of light!

  • Direct Path of Communications

    Unlike fiber cables that need to follow roads, poles and wind around town, Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet offers a straight line of communication between you and our Internet Backbone.

  • Highly Resilient

    We all agree fiber is a pretty reliable medium, but fiber is not immune to failure, vehicular accidents, trees that fall, crews that dig in the wrong area… the list goes on!   Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet relies on microwave towers that are insulated from the public and equipped with backup power generation. Less exposure to trouble allows for a highly resilient means of communication to the Internet and the world!

  • Faster than LTE Internet

    4G LTE wireless networks share many of the benefits of  Infradapt’s Wireless Broadband Internet, with a very important exception, SPEED!  Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet offers symmetrical bandwidth, upload and download up to 2Gbps! Consumer grade products do not work well for your business when you need the speed to constantly upload information to the cloud.   Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet is designed for business use including file synchronization, backups and streaming to the cloud.

  • Quick Install

    In a matter of 48 hours you can have your business connected to our Internet Backbone at a much lower cost than fiber or 4G LTE alternatives.

  • Rural Areas

Learn More

Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet solutions can benefit your organization. We will be glad to evaluate your situation (*) at no cost to you.

(*) Infradapt Wireless Broadband Internet is available in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas and Philadelphia Metro and surrounding areas.