Blue Bell PA Cloud Based Phone System for Business

Get all the business phone, collaboration, conferencing and mobility features you've ever dreamed of for much less than you ever thought possible. Everything you need in one complete, integrated suite. VoIP phone services, mobile apps, contact centers, Web conferencing, and more. With VoIP, enable BYOD for business communications via a mobile app, and provide freedom and flexibility for your increasingly mobile workforce.

Boost employee productivity and IT efficiency, enabling the shift of resources to more strategic initiatives. Infradapt VoIP delivers high quality, reliability, and the value expected by businesses. Infradapt's VoIP PBX is available on premise or as a Cloud Hosted PBX solution which includes Infradapt Managed Services for administration.

Infradapt's VoIP PBX offers all-inclusive cloud phone system featuring HD video meetings, unified voice, fax, text, audio conferencing, and detailed reporting. Hosted PBX eliminates on-premise systems, making it easy to manage multiple office locations, and simple to connect and scale your business and distributed workforce. Whether on Premise or Cloud Hosted, VoIP PBX systems provide mobility to employees, flexibility when a business expands, and are easier to manage than the traditional PBX.

Why choose Infradapt for your business phone system in the cloud?

If you are located in Blue Bell PA or nearby areas, Infradapt has you covered. Infradapt provides the cloud based systems and also covers all local equipment on site for all locations in or near Blue Bell PA .


YES! We are local to Blue Bell PA

Infradapt's engineering team has been widely recognized as leaders in the converged networking and communications field. Collectively responsible for hundreds of telephony projects and VoIP implementations, the Infradapt team has the experience to make converged networking work for your organization. After years of experience selling and deploying proprietary telephony solutions from Avaya, Cisco and Mitel, Infradapt moved into more open telephony architectures, due to the lack of flexibility of the proprietary solutions available at the time.

Infradapt is an early adopter of VoIP and Open-Source Telephony platforms. Our first Asterisk "The Open-Source PBX" implementations date back to 2002. We have already deployed more 20,000 telephony endpoints and we support client locations spreading through and 12 different states PA, NJ, DE, IL, FL, CA, TX, OH, AL, OR, LA, VA; Washington, DC as well as international locations in Canada and South America.


Expand Your Efficiency

We deliver multi-site expertise, SIP trunking, Unified Communications, even fax to desktop efficiency. Whether deploying a simple single-location PBX solution using traditional copper or designing an international multi-location MPLS-based solution, Infradapt has demonstrated experience and expertise.


Comprehensive Assessment & Evaluation

Infradapt performs an extensive pre-sale consultation, evaluating network capacity, application requirements, existing call flows (if applicable), current trunk and carrier services utilization, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity considerations to develop the most effective solution for your organization's needs. In most cases, Infradapt is able to eliminate waste, upgrade equipment and services, and ultimately deliver a complete platform upgrade while reducing long-term operating costs.


Legacy Migration & Integration

Infradapt has extensive experience assisting its customers to make the move outside of restrictive legacy platforms and gracefully extend the capabilities of such platforms. Whether seeking a "no downtime" migration path or simply to enable remote access to an older system, Infradapt can deliver quickly and reliably. Infradapt brings to the table extensive expertise on new and legacy telephony architectures, ensuring a seamless transition away from legacy systems or integration with legacy systems due to industry specific requirements.

Learn More

Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt's Distributed IP Telephony solutions can benefit your organization. Infradapt is recognized to be among the industry's most capable providers of Open-Source Telephony solutions.

Blue Bell PA Infradapt Hosted Business Phone System - Turn-Key Hosted PBX Platform

All you need: Voice, Backup-Voice and Managed Services

Leveraging on our team's extensive experience assisting global enterprises deploy IP Telephony environments, Infradapt deployed our first Hosted PBX Platform in 2006, using a combination of open-source and proprietary components.
Hosted Asterisk

Hosted PBX

Asterisk is the most widely used Open Source PBX software in the world surpassing the number of installations of traditional vendors of proprietary IP Telephony like Cisco, Nortel and Avaya.


Infradapt proprietary software modules and methods are used to suit the Asterisk Open Source PBX to your business needs.

Available as a one-stop communications turn-key solution, Infradapt offers a total communication hosted infrastructure solution for businesses. The Turn-Key Business Platform includes phone service, backup-phone service, manages services and integrated unified e-mail service.

Features included with our Hosted PBX offering


Call Features (1-36)

  • ADSI On-Screen Menu System
  • Alarm Receiver
  • Append Message
  • Authentication
  • Automated Attendant
  • Blacklists
  • Blind Transfer
  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward on No Answer
  • Call Forward Variable
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Parking
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Retrieval
  • Call Routing (DID & ANI)
  • Call Snooping
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Caller ID on Call Waiting
  • Calling Cards
  • Conference Bridging
  • Database Store / Retrieve
  • Database Integration
  • Dial by Name
  • Direct Inward System Access
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi)
  • Do Not Disturb
  • E911
  • ENUM
  • Fax Transmit and Receive
[/one_half] [one_half]

Call Features (37-71)

  • Flexible Extension Logic
  • Interactive Directory Listing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Local and Remote Call Agents
  • Macros
  • Music On Hold
  • Music On Transfer
    • Flexible Mp3-based System
    • Random or Linear Play
    • Volume Control
  • Privacy
  • Open Settlement Protocol (OSP)
  • Overhead Paging
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Remote Call Pickup
  • Remote Office Support
  • Roaming Extensions
  • Route by Caller ID
  • SMS Messaging
  • Spell / Say
  • Streaming Hold Music
  • Supervised Transfer
  • Talk Detection
  • Text-to-Speech (via Festival)
  • Three-way Calling
  • Time and Date
  • Transcoding
  • Trunking
  • VoIP Gateways
  • Voicemail:
    • Visual Indicator for Message Waiting
    • Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting
    • Voicemail to email
    • Voicemail Groups
    • Web Voicemail Interface
  • Zapateller
[/one_half] [one_half]

Computer-Telephony Integration

  • Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
  • Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)
  • Asterisk REST Interface (ARI)
  • Outbound Call Spooling
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  • TDMoE (Time Division Multiplex over Ethernet)
  • Allows direct connection of Asterisk PBX
  • Zero latency
  • Uses commodity Ethernet hardware
  • Voice-over IP
  • Allows for integration of physically separate installations
  • Uses commonly deployed data connections
  • Allows a unified dialplan across multiple offices
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  • CELT (pass through)
  • G.711 (A-Law & U-Law)
  • G.719 (pass through)
  • G.722
  • G.722.1 licensed from Polycom
  • G.722.1 Annex C licensed from Polycom
  • G.723.1 (pass through)
  • G.726
  • G.729a
  • GSM
  • iLBC
  • Linear
  • LPC-10
  • Speex
  • SILK
[/one_half] [one_half]

VoIP Protocols

  • Google Talk
  • H.323
  • IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange)
  • Jingle/XMPP
  • MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol
  • SCCP (Cisco Skinny)
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
  • UNIStim
[/one_half] [one_half]

Traditional Telephony Protocols

  • E&M
  • E&M Wink
  • Feature Group D
  • FXS
  • FXO
  • GR-303
  • Loopstart
  • Groundstart
  • Kewlstart
  • MF and DTMF support
  • Robbed-bit Signaling (RBS) Types
  • MFC-R2
[/one_half] [one_half]

ISDN Protocols

  • AT&T 4ESS
  • EuroISDN PRI and BRI
  • Lucent 5ESS
  • National ISDN 1
  • National ISDN 2
  • NFAS
  • Nortel DMS100
  • Q.SIG
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  • Cepstral TTS
  • Lumenvox ASR
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Infradapt Hosted PBX Benefits

  • Fixed Fee - No Capital Investment
  • Quick Provisioning System
  • Dedicated PBX Environment
  • Custom Integration with Existing Infrastructure
  • Video Conferencing Capable
  • Choice of Polycom, Cisco or Digium phone sets
  • Free Inter-company Calling Between Locations
  • Unlimited Calling (USA, lower 48)
  • Competitive International Calling Plans
  • Periodic IP Phone Software Upgrades
  • Easy Web Administration
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Alert System
  • 24x7x365 Helpdesk
  • Helpdesk Calls Answered in Less than 1 Minute
  • HD Voice (High-Definition)
  • Mobility Capabilities for On-The-Go Employees
  • Self-Serve User Management and Control
  • Quality of Service Monitoring
  • Robust Service Level Agreements
  • Business Continuity Capabilities
  • Redundant High-Bandwidth
  • Data Bunker Facility
  • Redundant Power Generation
  • Tier-1 Redundant Datacenter Facilities
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  • No Charge for Maintenance, Upgrades or Licenses
  • Global DID Number - One Number to Make and Receive Calls From Any Device, Any Location
  • Call Routing, Voicemail, Hosted PBX Mobility, Virtual Presence for Mobile Workforce
  • Business Continuity on Every DID for Disaster Recovery and Re-Routing in Real-Time
  • Classes of Service and Executive Feature Sets
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Receptionist Soft Console
  • Call Queuing and Light Call Center Capabilities
  • Integrated Messaging, Voicemail to Email
  • Full Call Center Capabilities - Available
  • Periodic IP Phone Hardware Upgrades - Available
  • Unified Communications Applications Integration - Available
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Integration - Available
  • Integration with Skype for Business - Available
  • Integration with Line of Business Applications - Available
  • Integrated Outlook or Internet Explorer Toolbar, with Click to Dial and Call Control - Available

Blue Bell PA Infradapt Hosted PBX Included Managed Telecom Benefits


All-Inclusive Service and Support

      • 24x7x365 Helpdesk
      • Remote Support and Remote Assistance
      • On-site Support as Needed
      • Parts Replacement Services
      • State-Of-The-Art Trouble-Ticketing System
      • iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Smartphone Support
[/one_half] [one_half]

Proactive Maintenance

      • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Alert System
      • Mission Critical Server Performance Alerts
      • Mission Critical Services Availability Alerts
      • Patch Management
      • Disk Clean-Ups
[/one_half] [one_half]

Virtual CIO

      • Quarterly Technology Reviews and Future Proofing
      • Technology Consulting and Engineering
      • Project Management of On-Site Implementations
      • Proof of Concept / Lab Testing
      • Annual Telco Audits
      • Loaner Equipment
      • Training Facilities
      • Disaster Recovery Facilities
[/one_half] [one_half]

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

      • Automatic Hourly Backups
      • Data Secured in Three Places
      • Automated Nightly Data Transfer Off-site
      • Backup Verification and Reporting
      • 24x7x365 Backup Failure Monitoring and Notification
[/one_half] [one_half]

Hassle Free Vendor Management

      • Telecom vendors
      • Internet Service Providers
[/one_half] [one_half] [/one_half]
Infradapt is a Microsoft, Dell, Digium, Polycom, Adtran, Cisco, VMware Solution Provider. All partner products and solutions are available to our customers in and Fixed Rate monthly model. Our hosted voice platform, in particular, can be replicated and run from our customer's own datacenters allowing for an extremely flexible enterprise communication platform, that is much easier to manage and more cost effective than other competitive proprietary VoIP solutions. Please consult an Infradapt Solutions Specialist for any specific product needs.

Small Office and Home Office (SoHo) PBX Solutions

Ideal for Small Office and Home Office (SoHo) applications, Infradapt's affordable, hosted VoIP telephone system solution offers all the features, customization, and flexibility of an enterprise VoIP system. Choose from a variety of phone sets, calling plans including unlimited* domestic and/or international options and advanced features.

  • Full-Featured PBX with Digium or Polycom Telephones and Video Conference
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Smartphone Support
  • QOS, Firewall & VoIP Security
  • Branch Connectivity Expansion via VPN
  • Music on Hold
  • Voicemail
  • Call Transfer
  • Hunting and Ring Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Detailed Reporting
Hosted Asterisk


Call Center - Hosted Predictive Dialer / SIP Trunking

Improve sales force productivity and deliver top-line business value with hosted predictive dialing and CRM integration. Infradapt offers a fully-managed predictive dialing and intelligent call routing platform as an enhancement to its telephony backbone.

      • Skill-based routing ensures the most capable agent takes each call
      • Live agent performance monitoring allows tracking agents by group, team, or individually
      • Live call monitoring and reporting allows supervisors and quality assurance staff to manage more effectively
      • Real-time campaign and list controls allow supervisors to stop and start campaigns at a moment's notice


Hosted Contact Center Platform / SaaS

Infradapt offers a full range of contact center solutions based on-premises, ready-to-go in the cloud, or hybrid deployments. Whether you're looking for a fully outsourced solution including telecommunications services or a co-managed approach, Infradapt can help you make an informed decision and quickly get you started.

A hosted solution offers many advantages over on-premise equipment, including built-in redundancy and expertise, reduced initial investment, faster go-live, and other benefits.

      • Low Cost
      • Full Functionality
      • Built-In Redundancy
      • Secure Network Transport
      • Full Telecommunications Services Suite
      • High-Bandwidth Co-location Facilities

24/7/365 Service and Support

Infradapt's hosted platform solutions are monitored for high-availability 24/7 and designed to be highly resilient. All hosted solutions include full access to Infradapt's 24-hour help desk and operations center so you will never have to worry about where to get help when you need it.  

Optimizing Contact Centers Performance

Infradapt has extensive contact center deployment and operations expertise ranging from stand-alone applications to integrated multi-interaction suites. From design, through deployment, and ongoing support, we can help your organization achieve its communications needs.

      • Inbound and Outbound
      • Stand-alone dialers (Predictive, Preview, etc.)
      • Stand-alone IVR / ACD Solutions
      • Robo-Call Platforms
      • Departmental Solutions (Adjunct to existing PBX)
      • Comprehensive Enterprise Platforms
      • Hosted Services Solutions (SaaS)

Even if your organization is small, improving customer call experiences can improve the bottom line. Keeping existing customers content is significantly more cost-effective than finding their replacements. By analyzing customer interactions with your platform, abandonment rates, hold times, and other data, Infradapt can help you reduce or eliminate frustration points and deliver a better experience.

Analytics / Custom Reporting

Appropriate and timely reporting tools are essential to the success of any contact center platform. Infradapt can work with your operations team to define key performance indicators and adapt built-in reports to your organization's needs. Additionally, custom analytic solutions including cross-platform reporting engines (Crystal Reports and JasperReports) are available to make sure all actionable information is captured and presented in the most effective manner possible.

Other Benefits of Infradapt's Blue Bell PA Cloud Based Phone System for Business

Consistent Project Management & Implementation

As part of any deployment, Infradapt's project management team makes sure things go smoothly. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project to coordinate logistics, manage schedules, and keep everyone in sync.

Full Life-Cycle Support

Infradapt's 24-hour helpdesk is always available to support your network, computer, and telephony needs. Whether responding to a basic configuration question or a carrier outage, our front-line engineers will work with you to diagnose your problem, ensuring rapid resolution. Periodic strategic consulting to review the effectiveness of your platform and operations will ensure that your organization continues to have the most efficient and cost-effective solution in place. Our relationship is an ongoing commitment to ensure capabilities meet requirements at the correct price point.

The Right Partner For Your Project

Whether you are expanding and opening a new site or confronting the limitations of an aging voice or data platform, Infradapt can implement your InfraPremise project from start to finish - evaluating system requirements, building a business case, and ultimately installing and supporting your ideal environment.

Smooth Deployment

The goal of any migration or initial rollout is a smooth transition while keeping business disruption to a minimum. Infradapt assigns an experienced project management team that has coordinated solution implementations in industries as diverse as aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services. From integrating with a legacy platform, to porting numbers between carriers, even migrating departments in phases, Infradapt has the experience to deliver on-time and on-budget. Our clients have confidence because we have done it before.

Features You Can Use

Most organizations deploying a new PBX only enable just enough features to mimic a previous system, missing a valuable opportunity. As part of a PBX deployment, Infradapt will work with you to develop a plan to activate the most appropriate features for your organization and then conduct user, supervisor, or administrator training as needed. The goal is to ensure you achieve the maximum organizational benefit, including productivity enhancements. We operate in a similar fashion with regards to hardware and software, rigorously reviewing requirements and achieving the most cost-effective deployment of resources to meet both current and anticipated needs.

The Confidence of Continuity

Ultimately, every site will experience some form of power or telecommunications service disruption to the point where callers will be unable to reach their system. In many cases, no cost to low-cost options are available from your carrier that will allow service to be redirected around such an outage. Additionally, Infradapt can offer an optional business continuity service from its cloud voice platform that can sustain your organization through an extended site emergency or outage.

Realizing ROI

Infradapt analyses many factors when completing a project Return on Investment (ROI) study for an organization. Beyond the basic equipment replacement ROI, maintenance cost reduction, lease buyout or replacement advantage, etc. Infradapt also looks at how current and proposed infrastructure is being consumed. Phone and Internet costs are reviewed, carrier traffic studies are performed, and ultimately the most cost-effective solution is proposed for your organization. In many cases follow-up (and ongoing) post-implementation consumption studies can be performed to make sure your organization is not overspending on data and telecommunications hardware and software or underestimating demand and missing opportunities.

HaaS / Leasing / Financing Available

Infradapt will work with your preferred lender should you wish to finance your infrastructure investment. Additionally, we have already qualified several of the industry's top financial services firms to offer turn-key equipment financing for our solutions. In most cases, an offer from one of these firms can even be included with a proposal or price quotation. Ask an Infradapt solutions specialist for more information about taking advantage of these offers.

Comprehensive Professional Support & Services

Infradapt offers a full range of professional services including a 24/7 helpdesk and monitoring service to help support your critical operations. Whether the need is application integration, on-screen scripting, custom report design, or emergency operations support, Infradapt can help you maximize your contact center investments.

Infradapt is a Dell, Digium, Polycom, Adtran, Cisco and Ruckus Partner, VMware Solution Provider and Microsoft Cloud Services Provider. All partner products and solutions are available to our clients in and Fixed Rate monthly model.

To Learn More About Blue Bell PA Cloud Based Phone System for Business

Contact an Infradapt Solutions Specialist online or call 1-800-394-2301 to explore how Infradapt's Distributed IP Telephony solutions can benefit your organization.